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The best tips to save money on your trips!
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The best tips to save money on your trips!


The best tips to save money on your trips!


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How to save $$ on your trip booking!

The smart way to save $$ on your flight tickets, car rental and hotel!

I’ve found it for myself how to save extra money on air tickets, car rental and hotel by finding best deals through travel advisory and travel planning sites and buying, reserving tickets, rental cars and hotels directly from the airlines, car rental companies and hotels. I’m not greedy, but extra $50-$100 can be used better then paying to the middlemen websites.

This is the plan of action:
1. Go to Travel Page on and start planing your trip through popular free trip planners Trip Advisor , Real Travel and Gusto. The global travel adisor Kayak and Travel Zoo will give you amaising help. Check the destinations, reviews, travel tips and and plan your trip.
Record all info about flights, hotels, rental cars you will find here. Pretty often you will find the best deal right here. But don’t rush, you can come back later after you will check all options and make your reservations through this pretty useful guys.
2. Your next step is to find the best for you deals on tickets, hotels and cars and record them! Do not buy or reserve anything, yet!
Make massive search for cheapest tickets, rental cars and low-priced hotels, best deals and packages for your trip. On NewsUC Travel page you can find a lot of useful tools to get the best travel deals, tickets, hotels. Book It, Cheap Air, Low Fares, Orbitz, cute Price Line, hotel search on Quik Book, Hotels, more the 400,000 USA and Europe 415,000 hotels, apartments and B&B accommodations on Venere and well known Expedia , Travelocity.

Please record the best air tickets, rental cars, hotel deals you’ve found and who is offering them. Airlines names, Hotels and car rental companies names and phone numbers, these companies websites. Now compare them to the prices you’ve got from the trip advisers web sites at step #1 and make your choices! Check the best seats on particular plane through Seat Guru, the timetable for the best ticket prices on Fly Spy and Fare Cast. Now you are ready to reserve tickets, rental cars and hotels directly from airlines, car rental company and hotels!
3.The world’s best budget international airlines as Air Berlin , Aeroflot, Aviacsa, Condor and top airlines Air Asia, Air Arabia, Air Canada, Air China, Air France, British Airways, JAL, Russian S7 and USA budget airlines Jet Blue, South West and many and many others listed on NewsUC travel page will help you to save a lot of money.
Find your airline, flight and best prices, make your reservations and next step will be reserve the rental car and hotel.
In case if you won’t be able to find your rental car company or hotel listed on NewsUC Travel page, please find them through powerful and convenient Exalead website search engine presented on travel page.
When you’ve finished all reservations take a calculator, find out how much money you’ve saved and order something special for your lady.
4.Before start packing create your travel checklist on Don’t Forget Your Toothbrush and ordering the personal assistance through Ask Sunday. Find out and order your travel insurance through HTH Travel Insurance or Travel Guard. If you travel abroad, find the best deal and buy currency through discount on-line foreign exchange payment system on XE.
5. Have fun way before your travel date. First of all you can reach your destinations virtually by using Google Earth and find out a lot of useful info about it on CIA Fact Book, check the world weather condition on Weather and watch a lot of destinations through live cameras on Earth Cam Network.
6. Sign up and start looking for travel buddy, nearby friends for your trip on Wink, Dodge Ball and Twitter!
7. Also you can find restaurants and businesses at you travel destination through Earth Google and Menu Pages
When you’ve finished all these activities you should be ready for your trip.
Good Luck and have a nice trip!

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