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News You See is a free directory of world top online newspapers & multimedia from many countries of the world, which can represent us multi polar world opinions available on the Internet. Education is our main goal; site provides hundreds of free online multimedia sources in six languages to help all people studying these opinions and also to learn diffent languages.

We respect and encourage freedom of information and freedom of speech. We do not provide multimedia content, except our website graphic and we are not responsible for content of any online source, found throughout the newsuc.com directory.

Our main goal is to give our users the most convenient and easy way to review the various worlds’ online newspapers, services and media sources displayed on "News You See" panels. They were found only through lawfully registered and legalized world's search engines listings, directories, included but not limited to Google, Yahoo, Alexa, DMOZ, AOL, Wikipedia, and all others open to public legally registered sources available on Internet.

We encourage all our visitors to visit them to get info regarding online multimedia sources, their content owners, online sources ownership and review regulations, info regarding multimedia providers, copyright laws, policies and term of use.

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